A Great Host!

Rick Worley, owner of Mango Mango’s Caribbean Grill & Bar had me up for a meal on the house with Bill Saculla of Alpha Growth Strategies. The management philosophy and food are a great combo.


Comedian’s Pick in Sarasota

Steve Hofstetter was the original columnist for Collegehumor.com. He gave us some great info. on where he celebrated him and his wife’s, Sarah’s, engagement in Florida: Marina Jack’s in Sarasota

Free Dierks Bentley Concert

I’ve been here a few times. What an awesome bonus at a fun place by the beach: Ocean Deck in Daytona Beach

R.I.P. Captain Phil

Wrote this prior to Phil Harris passing away. He made a big difference in commercial fishing: Get Well Capt. Phil, FishEx in Alaska

I’m on a boat!

Saw on TV, so we featured this: Jean Mary in St. Augustine

Reader’s Pick in Seattle

Compliments from the general manager and pianist: Waterfront Seafood Grill in Seattle

Reader’s Pick in San Antonio

A friend and previous internship mentor, who’s from Orlando, advises to visit here after his travel experience in sports broadcasting: “Mecca of BBQ”, Rudy’s in San Antonio